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Employee Wellness

Holistic integrated approach for wellness programs

The Issue

In the article, ‘ Worksite Wellness programmemes in South Africa’, Dr Japie Lubbe of Wellness Africa (Pty) Ltd, describes how organisations in South Africa are gradually moving from the traditional biomedical view of health and are moving towards a more holistic-wellness approach. Some employers are sceptical regarding the economic advantage of worksite wellness programmes using the holistic wellness approach, because of their range of content.


Wellness in the workplace: Unleashing your workforce

Most people’s dreams and aspirations are closely linked to the work activities they engage in on a daily basis. The habit of work has proved to be instrumental for survival and is directly linked to humans’ abilities to locate food, find shelter, and develop a community characterised by mutual support and nurturing. However, the world of work has undergone dramatic changes in recent decades. Just for a moment consider the influence of technology on the daily work activities of a typical mid-level manager in an organisation.


Migrating from non-core to core

Is wellness a core or non-core business issue? Does wellness have an impact on business objectives, or is it simply a “nice-to-have” intervention? Is there a business case for wellness?


Things fall apart - stress

Nosisipho Samuels’ baby was four months old when she returned to her work as a designer at a publishing company. She had been coping well enough with the changes to her family life: the disrupted sleep, the added financial pressures, and the lack of time for herself and for spending with her partner.


Manage retrenchment professionally- avoid backlash


Human capital is often an organisation’s greatest asset and its primary competitive differentiator. However, human capital is frequently the prime target when organisations reduce costs.The management of staff retrenchment often plays a critical role in demonstrating an organisation’s values and protecting its reputation. It is vital that the retrenchment of staff is managed proactively and responsibly to ensure sustained staff competence and capacity.