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Change Management

Change is as good as a holiday – if it’s managed correctly

Change management workplace environment

Change. We all go through it. Some of us embrace it and some of us hide under our desks, hoping desperately that it’ll go away. There’s no escaping change these days and, in fact, many companies are redesigning workspaces or moving offices with the distinct aim of causing change. They have begun to realise that our environments can impact employee well-being, happiness and productivity, and this is often their primary motivation for transforming workspaces.


Change management and the secret to everlasting improvement

We all know that change happens when the environment is disruptive. If we take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book, some of the most destructive and disruptive events have given birth to new life, e.g. volcanoes destroy but over time they create new mountains and landscapes.


Why is a garnishee order so complicated & what must you check in this order?

What must you check in your garnishee order?

We’re all familiar with the garnishee order, that legal document which instructs us, the employer, to deduct an amount of money every month from one of our employee’s wages and pay that over to another company, for example a law firm. I’ve always believed it was a simple procedure until I started reading and investigating exactly what was required of me.


The Millennials: shaping the workplace of the future

First there was Generation X and now the job market has a new breed of individual - the Millennial. This new breed of twenty-something individual is indeed differently natured to previous generations and exhibits specific characteristics that make them difficult, or at least peculiar, employees.


Get your employees to become masters of self-directed change and supercharge your company

The Human Edge

We have a lot of lost potential in our organisations. It is believed that if you direct focus at elements such as your company’s strategy, structures, products, processes and systems you will be able to achieve the results you want in your organisation. However, says Helene Vermaak - clinical psychologist, co-owner and principal consultant of The Human Edge – this couldn’t be further from the truth.