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Change Management

The person behind the change management process

Companies spend billions every year on change management initiatives that are predominantly process driven. However, the most important factor you need to take into consideration in a change management process is often ignored: Every process is driven by a person.


Why do my people keep doing that? It makes no sense to me!

When any change is introduced in to a business, people immediately become fearful. They start to worry. This worry and doubt in their conscious (thinking) minds is then impressed on the subconscious (doing) mind as fear, which translates as anxiety in the body.


How to manage generation Y in the workplace

The world of the generation Y member is fast paced and changing at speeds not yet seen before. Many generation Yers grew up with technology, are online and are connected 24 hours a day. They don’t want to miss out on anything and are consuming information constantly.


Transform your office space into a tool for positive change

Traditional methods of considering the value of office space take into account an initial investment that companies make when they build or renovate the space set out for their offices. Some companies even think of buildings purely as a cost of doing business. But what if you thought about the value of space in terms of the return on investment that your company could realise if you plan and manage your spaces strategically?


Why business is experiencing turmoil

A lot of time, energy and money are being spent these days on, for example:

  • Getting corporate results back on track;
  • Getting ahead;
  • Being better than the competition;
  • Winning customer loyalty;
  • Building the most desirable brand; and