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The wonderful news is that good change always brings about growth – something that you should remember when your employees are giving you uphill during a change in your company. Remember that fear and growth go hand in hand and that not every person, as they begin this change and growth process, makes it through to the triumphant end because their fears get in the way, sabotaging the desired end point. Why so? Because few people understand how the mind works or what impact severe thought changes have on the body. Let us explain more.


Doing change with you, not to you

One of the primary reasons why change management initiatives fail is that most are not integrated into the organisation’s overall practices and culture. Successful management initiatives align with, and embed themselves within, the DNA of the company, leveraging off existing role models, processes and communication platforms as far as possible. Here are some management lessons we learned from an organisation-wide enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation in the mining and manufacturing sectors.


Is there a magic formula for helping employees through change?

Just like change in your own personal life is not always easy, change within an organisation is not either as organisations house multi-faceted and unique people - your employees. These employees have their own views on how things should be done, and often think they know what is best for the organisation. There is certainly no magic formula for getting them to change at the same time, in the same way, to meet the same objective! However, you can be more successful with supporting them through change and achieving quick wins for your organisation.


3 key elements in ensuring successful strategy implementation

For over a decade, my colleagues and I have been driven to understand why up to 70% of change initiatives either fail entirely, or fail to deliver on their intended ROI (John Kotter, 1995; McKinsey & Company, 2006).  


Change your paradigms, change your world!

Dr Wayne Dyer is famous for his quote: “When you change the way you see the world, the world you see will change.” How profound this statement is. Thing is, most people after attending a personal development seminar (or many seminars for that matter), desire the positive mental change which they heard about. However, they are not always sure how practically to create this lasting mental change. They’ve heard about changing non-serving subconscious paradigms, but the question all of them have is: “How can I do this?”