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On blending talent, organisational design and technology

Timothy Gill

After a number of recent projects, I have decided to share my ideas around the relationships, effects and results relating to talent pool or platform management, organisational design and automation and how when correctly combined can result in the creation of significant competitive advantage.

When Top Executives are typically presented with this conundrum it very often presents itself in much the same guise as the chicken or the egg question namely; which comes first - Is it skills or structures?

My answer is: Neither.

The workplace has developed rapidly and we now need to consider two further key concepts (game changers) which I will touch upon below:

1.    Workplace Automation
Always remember that automation is not a means to an ends in itself.
It is a very costly and sometimes fatal error to think that just by automating or introducing a new IT system you will address operational issues.
To fully realise the potential of work automation you must first have a clearly mapped out picture of your talent pool.

The purpose of automation must be to release key talents from doing the more mundane tasks so that the more complex and value adding activities can be carried out.

Remember – we are not talking about replacing people with robots. Automation works on a sliding scale for all positions in an organisation all the way from CEO down to receptionists and clerks. Always make sure you have access to the right partners to guide you through this process.

There clearly is a warning for us here - if you are considering automation options and don't have a clear talent management plan and/or a way of measuring this yet - you are only going to realise 50% of the potential benefit and you are never going to get the returns you were hoping for.

2. Measuring Talent

Just having a list of your key talents and an appraisal process is a good start but the truth is that it is not going to be enough.

In order to have a true and full picture of what your internal HR capabilities are one needs to make use of a proven and tool to ensure that the right person is in the right place at the right time. There are many out there – so be sure that you do your research and identify the tool that will suit your needs best and partner with the right people to guide you through the process.

To conclude by mapping out and measuring key talents, key positions and implementing workplace automation and blending these correctly - an organisation is able to create a truly agile organisation which can effectively deal with and compete in today’s turbulent market place.

Timothy Gill is a seasoned HR Manager with over thirteen years’ in the field. He has extensive experience across the Manufacturing, Motor, FMCG, Personal Care and Nutraceutical  sectors. With an excellent track record in identifying challenges Strategically and coming up with creative and innovative solutions and implementing these successfully. He is also a senior HR associate consultant at The HR Hub.