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Do employees need to be rewarded?

Everyone wants to be recognised and rewarded when they work hard, and employees are no different. “Through rewards, a company is acknowledging that the effort, behaviour and hard work of the employee has contributed to the company’s success,” says Heino Gehle, general manager of PLP SA. “It also encourages staff members to continue working with the same level of enthusiasm and passion.”

What does a reward do?
• Shows employees the standard they should aspire to
• Clarifies the outcomes that your company values
• Creates a more pleasant work environment
• Motivates staff to improve their performance
• Validates the importance of their work
• Boosts morale and self-esteem, and improves relationships
Gehle believes that rewards can positively influence good behaviour and attitude, and that an effective reward system is a powerful way to motivate employees.

How does it benefit a company?
• Creates a positive workforce
• Aids in reaching business goals and targets
• Improves company culture
• Creates a better impression of a business from the outside
• Helps in recruitment as potential employees have something to look forward to
“Reward programmes that are well planned and considered, will help the business recruit top talent, create an engaging work environment and improve your bottom line,” says Gehle.

What types of rewards are there?
• There are financial rewards, including: a raise, bonus, gift card, stock options, profit share, benefits, and points redeemable for prizes.
• There are non-financial rewards, such as: recognition, positive feedback, flexible hours, time off, more responsibility, training and professional development, and staff recognition events.

Rewards don’t have to be expensive but they should be chosen to suit the needs or interest of the employee being rewarded.

“Behaviour that gets rewarded gets repeated. By recognising and rewarding employees for their contribution, it illustrates that their work is noticed and appreciated. Public acknowledgement is a great way to motivate all employees to increase their performance and align their goals with the company’s objectives,” says Gehle.